Friday, October 30, 2015

Basic French Fries (DF, GF) - Take 2

The starch on the outside of the potatoes keeps the fries from getting nice and crisp. The outside can burn before the inside is soft - also giving the fries a "thicker crust". Eliminating the excess starch also keeps the potatoes from sticking together. The corn starch helps draw the moisture from the potatoes to help get a crispy outside.

4 white potatoes, cut into french fries
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp garlic salt or salt
1/2 tsp corn starch


Place potatoes in cold water after cutting to reduce the starch.  Let them sit in the cold water for about 10-15 minutes.  Then drain off water.  Rinse the potatoes a few more times to get the visible starch off the potatoes.

Put the potatoes and other ingredients in a plastic bag and shake well so the potatoes are evenly coated.

Lightly spray a baking sheet with oil and arrange potatoes in a single layer on the baking sheet.

Bake at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us.  And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God's promises to be fulfilled.
Romans 15:4 (NLT)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chocolate Coconut Mousse (DF, GF) - Sweet Potato Based

This was SOOOOO  good. It is GREAT to satisfy a sweet tooth !!!   Eat it as a snack or for dessert.  The sweet potato REALLY makes this nice and creamy and smooth !!! 

This is a GREAT way to eat more chia seeds, which are high in fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and protein.  And get even more fiber from the sweet potato !!!

Comments from taste testers: Classic chocolate/coconut combo - LOVED IT !!!  Could not tell if there were bananas in it.  Good texture - true "mousse" thickness.  Mild spice flavor.  Spices do not compete with chocolate/coconut flavor.  This is DELICIOUS !!!!

This recipe is adapted from  this recipe .

1 and 1/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 very ripe bananas, sliced
1 cup cooked sweet potato 
6 dates 
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut  (I use Bob's Red Mill)
2 Tbsp Chia Seeds (I use Bob's Red Mill)

Place all ingredients (EXCEPT coconut and chia seeds) in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

Then add the coconut and chia seeds and pulse just until the chia seeds are slightly ground into smaller pieces.

Place into a glass jar with tight fitting lid.

Then refrigerate for a few hours or overnight..
My favorite food processor is the  KitchenAid  7-Cup Food Processor

For blenders, I use both the  Vitamix Blender and Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender

Estimated Nutritional Value per serving based on 6 servings:  Calories 169,  Total Fat 6.7g, Cholesterol 0mg,  Sodium 54mg, Carbs 26.8g, Fiber 5.6g, Sugars 13.2g, Protein 2.7g

Come, let us sing to the Lord !  Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.
Psalm 95:1 (NLT)