Crochet Projects

I love to crochet and have done so for years.  Right now I am part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry team at church.  We make prayer shawls for those needing comforting and baby afghans for newborns !!  It is so rewarding to know that the prayer shawls are actually bringing comfort to people in need.  

So I'm going to "show off" the prayer shawls and baby afghans I make !!!!  It's fun to make each shawl and afghan a different pattern. 

I'm also going to "show off" some of the dog hair stuff I've crocheted.  I save all our dogs hair from brushing and the hair balls rolling around on the floor !!!  Plus I have gotten a lot of donated dog hair from friends and family.  Then I spin the dog hair, wash it, and then crochet stuff with the dog hair yarn.  The stuff made out of dog hair is SOOOOO warm and naturally water repellent.  It is really fuzzy (like mohair) - NO ONE has EVER guessed it is made out of dog hair !!!!  Plus it is SOOOO nice - the stuff I have now made from dog hair is from our 2 previous dogs - what a REALLY NICE memory of them...  whenever I wear one of the hats, mittens, or scarf made from their dog hair - it brings back pleasant memories of them !!!

Baby Afghans:

Prayer Shawls:


  1. Wow these projects are great!
    I love crochet too! :D
    I can't quite get my head around knitting though!!!!

    1. Hey Sandy !!! THANKS !!!!!! I think I have a couple more to put on the blog.... I can't get knitting right either !!!!! I ALWAYS keep increasing the number of stitches !!!!!! So my project just keeps getting wider !!!!!!! - Denise


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