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GUEST POST from Miliany Bonet - Raw Vegan Black Bean Burgers with Jicama and/or Sweet Pea Fries

I am SOOO thrilled to have a guest post from my friend Miliany at Raw Vegan Living .  DEFINITELY check out her blogs (she also has 2 other blogs !!!!! )  She is BUSY !!!!  She has GREAT raw recipes as well as GREAT tips and advice for becoming a raw vegan.

For those of you who do not know Miliany - she is 15 years old, a young raw vegan teen chef, a blogger, starting her own raw juice company, and opening up her own raw vegan cafe !!!  WOW !!!! What an impressive list !!!!!

I am SOOOOO impressed with Miliany - what an inspiration.  She is only 15 years old and already is opening the first raw vegan juice bar cafe in South Jersey AND a raw vegan cafe !!!  Way to go Miliany !!!!  

I wish I ate as healthy as Miliany does when I was 15 !!!!

Enjoy this raw vegan burger and fries from Miliany !!!!

Veggie burgers are one of my favorite raw food meals. They're healthy, delicious, satisfying, and nutritious!  There are a few ways you can serve this burger; I encourage you to prepare it however you like. You can make these burgers either vegan or raw, whichever your preference. I keep mine raw by dehydrating them until firm. I serve these burgers with jicama fries, which are very delicious! Hope you like and enjoy them! 

Sprouted Raw Vegan Black Bean Burgers with Jicama and/or Sweet Pea Fries

serves 4 or more (it all depends on how much ingredients you use to either make a big or small batch.  It also depends on the size that you make your burgers. I suggest playing around with the ingredients.)

1 cup organic ground raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup organic & non-GMO sprouted brown rice
2 organic carrots
1/2 cup organic & non-GMO sprouted black beans
1 teaspoon organic paprika
1 teaspoon organic cumin
a small slice of organic red onion 
2 organic garlic, peeled
1/2 organic green pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt
handful fresh organic cilantro
a small piece of organic & non-GMO jalapeno pepper

Burger Toppings:
rawesome cheddar cheese  or hemp seeds

one large jicama and/or sweet peas 
Seasonings for the fries:
organic all purpose seasonings
sea salt
nutritional yeast
hemp seeds

To make the burgers: soak your rice and beans in water, overnight for 6-8 hours. Drain the water from the soaked beans and rice. Prep your veggies: wash, cut, slice and chop into chunks as needed. 

Place all your ingredients in your food processor (or blender) and process (or blend) until everything becomes a thick, wet-ish mixture, but don’t pulse too long (it becomes too watery). You want pieces of the food still visible, but not thoroughly blended. Over blending (or processing) makes the mixture too wet at this point. Adjust according to your preferred taste. 

Form into preferred sized patties and dehydrate for 3-4 hours, or use your oven at its lowest temperature (or in a fry-pan… add coconut oil and “cook” your patties on each side. Options, options, options). You can eat them right away if you like without warming them up, but they won’t hold their shape too well (you’ll end up with a wet burger rather than a firm burger).

To make the fries: peel your jicama and cut them into fry strips. If using sweet peas, wash and remove the ends. Place your fries in a container/bowl and add in all the healthy seasonings. Adjust the seasonings according to your taste. You can cover it and let it marinate for awhile (which I highly recommend doing), or place them in your dehydrator along with the burgers. To cook your fries quicker, feel free to warm them up in a fry-pan with coconut oil (the same method for the burgers, if you choose stovetop). Once the fries and burgers are warmed, serve them. 

Assemble your burgers as desired, adding the epic fixings: avocado, tomato, hemp seeds, vegan cheese, lettuce, etc. If you want, you can take your 1/2 of your avocado and smash it (that’s what I did) and dip your fries in it. Enjoy as you wish, enjoying each and every delicious bite!

Remember, this is YOUR burger; adjust to your liking and warm/”cook” to your preference. Keep it vegan, healthy and delicious!

THANKS SOOOO much for these GREAT recipes, Miliany !!!

The Lord searches all the earth for people who have given themselves completely to him.  He wants to make them strong....
2 Chronicles 16:9  (NCV)

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