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10 Vegan Fridge Must-Haves for a Healthy Week by Kaitlin Krull

Kaitlin wrote a GREAT article on 10 vegan fridge foods to keep on hand to make healthy eating easier.  THANKS Kaitlin !!!!

Kaitlin Krull is a writer and mom of two girls living the expat life in the UK. Her writing is featured on and a number of home decor sites around the web. She can also be found blogging from time to time on her personal blog, A Vicar’s Wife.

I hope you enjoy Kaitlin's article and find it as informative as I did !!!

Keeping a vegan diet can seem challenging for beginners, and even seasoned vegans can easily slip into a prepared food diet that is no healthier than that of the average meat eater. But at Modernize, we know that eating healthy and maintaining your vegan lifestyle don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here are the top ten vegan fridge items to stock up on every week to keep your diet healthy and tasty, too.

Fruit and vegetables
While fruits and vegetables are a given for vegans (who eat only plant-derived foods), it is easy to get stuck in a produce rut, buying the same things week after week. Make sure your fridge is over half full of fresh fruits and vegetables, remembering to stock up on a rainbow of produce. Different-colored produce contains different essential vitamins and minerals, so the more colors you have in your fridge, the better. Lemons, apples, cucumber, carrots, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and avocado are traditional and tasty vegan staples.

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Meat alternatives
Stocking up on vegan-friendly meat alternatives means more than throwing a few bags of meat-free products into your shopping cart. To stay healthy on your vegan diet, it’s best to steer clear of too many processed meat alternatives. Choose calcium-set tofu for cooking and baking, or silken for pureeing. Tofurky, Lightlife, and Amy’s Kitchen all offer fresh and frozen meat alternatives that make for healthy and easy meal prep. 

Milk alternatives
Dairy-free milk alternatives are no longer difficult to find on supermarket shelves, and soy milk isn’t the only option. Switch things up with almond, coconut, cashew, or rice milk. Once you’ve chosen your favorite then you’ll be all set, as brands such as Silk, So Delicious, and Taste the Dream all stock varieties of dairy milk substitutes. 

Vegan cheese, yogurt, and butter
Many of the same vegan milk companies also stock vegan cheeses, yogurts, and spreads. Almond Dream yogurt, Earth Balance spread, and Daiya vegan cheeses are all firm favorites. 

Condiments are an essential part of the vegan fridge. They give new life to fresh vegetables and salads and can work wonders on even the most uninventive tofu dishes. Vegan mustards, ketchups, and mayonnaises are readily available on supermarket shelves and should not be difficult to find. 

A vegan stereotype that lives up to the hype, hummus is a healthy, protein-packed food that is likely to be a part of every vegan’s weekly shopping list. All hummus is vegan, so browse supermarket shelves to your heart’s content. If you want to try to make your own hummus at home, then stock up on some chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and fresh lemons, give yourself five minutes, and you have a nearly instant, 100% homemade snack. 

Although greens are technically a vegetable, they deserve their own spot in this list because of their importance and versatility in a vegan’s diet. Leafy greens such as kale, romaine, and spinach are all excellent in salads, but the green virtues don’t stop there. Kale, the increasingly trendy salad, can be grilled with sea salt and balsamic vinegar and tastes absolutely delicious. Romaine is the perfect salad green. Finally, spinach, as we all know, is brilliant when blended into green juices and smoothies (healthy and simple vegan breakfast alternatives). 

Lemon and lime juice
Lemon and lime juice are indispensable in any fridge, let alone a vegan one. These citrus fruits pack a taste punch that instantly brightens up water, salads, smoothies, and main dishes. The possibilities are endless for lemon and lime juices and are fantastically vegan from start to finish.

Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds are a tasty vegan treat that can be portioned out to take to work as a healthy snack or sprinkled on top of salads or used just about any way you want. Many people store their nuts and seeds in the pantry, but they can very easily go rancid with any change in temperature, so keep them in your fridge to lengthen their shelf lives. 

Last but certainly not least, homemade and store bought vegan dressings are an essential in the vegan fridge. Using dressings for salads and as a marinade for vegetables lifts any meal without adding unnecessary calories. Vinaigrette-style dressings in particular are very low in calories and can contain as few ingredients as you wish, especially when you make them yourself. 

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