Monday, October 24, 2016

Review of Chef Remi Jar Opener

I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to try out Chef Remi's new jar opener.

What I really like about this jar opener is that there are several different size openings to fit various jar lids.  The jar opener is about 9 inches long and about 3.5 inches at its widest point and about 2.25 inches at the bottom of the jar opener.

There are 8 different size openings to fit jar lids.  The largest opening is a little over 2.5 inches, the next is a little under 2 inches, the next is about 1.25 inches, and the smallest is a little under 1 inch.  However, the handles can be pulled apart to fit jar lids slightly wider than just the sizes  I specified.  There are 4 different holes, the jar opener can be flipped over to give different size openings.  One side of the jar opener has indentations along the inside of the "scallops" which give a smaller size option than when flipped.  The size for each hole is about .25 inch difference depending on how you flip the jar opener.

I did find it was easier to use the jar opener when I held the jar against my body. It was harder for me to use when I left the jar on the counter and just held the jar.

The handles are made of silicone so it is easy to grip the handles - even with wet hands.  I put water on both my hands and the handles and I was still able to get a good grip. The silicone grips the jar lids better than a metal one I have.

The jar opener is very smooth - no sharp edges.

This jar opener was made in China.  It is dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean.

Another great thing is that Chef Remi offers a lifetime guarantee on the jar opener.

I do like this jar opener and will use it instead of the metal one I currently have!

Check out the jar opener here

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